Friday, October 8, 2010

What's in a name - part 2

I mentioned a while ago that people spell and pronounce my surname wrongly. When it appears spelt incorrectly on a letter it can't be blamed on a computer malfunction. No, this is down to humans. Humans who don't care.

Another thing they do is get my address wrong. I live in a place called Donacarney. I pronounce that very clearly when asked for my address but a lot of people still hear Donnycarney. Amazing, isn't it?

The lady who lived in our house before us really hankered to live just a few hundred metres away in the more well-known Mornington so she tacked that onto our address. I suppose it would be the equivalent of living in Sutton, Howth or Rathmines, Rathgar. Anyway, it took me some time to get it sorted out with the post office, credit card companies and the like.

Donacarney is in Co Meath. Now, I'm not a football supporter so don't have an unswerving mindless loyalty to my county but a rational engineering-oriented matter-of-fact attitude that this is where I live. I know there are people who are planning to usurp our little area into Co Louth and we may very well become part of Drogheda but for the moment we're in Co Meath.

So let's summarise all of that into the following name and address:

Paul Timon
Blackhill Crescent
Co Meath.

Simple? Yes?
Look what I got from TD Fergus O'Dowd on Dail notepaper ......

I suppose I should be grateful that our new postman is able to interpret what others guess at.  And I am.

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