Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Competition time again part II

Hmmmm.  An interesting night.  I mentioned earlier that I had entered pictures for two competitions.  One was the first night of the club's Winter League and the second was a competition termed a 'Round Robin' run by the Dublin South Leinster Region (do you think the initials were a coincidence?) and I chose to forego the club's judging and attend the latter, with member of Council - Gerard Kelleher,  which was held in Rua Red in Belgard Square, Tallaght.

First of all let me say that the premises that Tallaght Photographic Society use are very swish.  The attendance was sparse - probably 30 or so people representing 3 clubs.  Since there were only two of us from DCC then there was a disproportionate representation there.

The competition got under with no less than the president of the IPF (Mark Sedgwick) being the judge for the evening.  Prints from the three clubs were placed in three piles and a print was taken from the top of each and displayed to the judge who placed them in a 1st, 2nd and 3rd category.  Initially I found this unerving to have say two landscapes in competition with a portrait but then open category competitions do this all the time.

I was surprised to see photos with bad mounts and even damaged mounts being given 1st place without any comment.

At the end of the mono section, the scores were announced which produced a chuckle.  Each of the three clubs scored 30 marks.  At the end of the colour section DCC came third or last if you prefer.  As far as I can remember, the winner had 98 marks and DCC had 88.

We went back to DCC and caught up on the night's events in the club.  I had submitted 2 colour, 2 mono and 1 digital.  They were judging mono and digital entries only.  What followed is a jumble of mistakes and is probably best left unsaid.  The judge did make very favourable remarks about some of my pictures in particular the two girls (Best Friends Forever) which got 50/50 and my pregnant woman (Waiting) 45/50.  My nude, and it looks like it's the mono version, got 48/50 but should never have been shown!  I had asked for it to be withdrawn as I had entered a colour print version.  It will be interesting to see what happens to clear up the mess.  I think this is where I would normally insert a smiley ......

An update:
Last night (Oct-26) was the judging of the October colour section of the Winter League.  Before the actual judging, Javier Leite made an announcement that 'a member' had inadvertently submitted pictures from the same file in two sections of the competition which is illegal.  He pointed out that 'the member' had made every effort to have the situation rectified in time but the club had failed to do so.  As a result, this picture would be allowed to stand.
So did I do?  I had two prints.

Top mark was 44.  The picture on the left got 40 and the controversial picture on the right got 42 and I got joint second place.  The winning print was a cracker and a seascape.

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