Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Send in the clowns

Yes, it's been a while.  Again!
I'm not going to bore you with the minutiae of life that causes a pause in my activities.  Now I get up in the morning, check the obituaries and if I'm not in the listings I keep going.

I've been trying a few new things lately.  I've been trying my hand at sescapes after a great workshop with Draoicht na Mara (The magic of the sea) - run by Brian Hopper and Eimhear Collins - but more of that another day.  I've been playing around with speedlite trickery.  But more of that another day too!

I've not been photographed too many times in my 67 years.  I prefer to be behind the camera rather than in front of it.  I did make an exception a while ago for a friend who is a photographer (and an artist) and it was an interesting experience for a photographer (me) to watch a photogapher (her) watch me watching her ..... you know what I mean.
So, I made friends with another photographer a while ago called Inge Borga who has her own photography Facebook page - Inge Borga Photoart.  We met through the Smena Photographic Society.  Recently she asked me if I would be a subject for a photoshoot.  I am more inclined now to say yes and give something a shot than play safe so I said "yes".  I wasn't quite sure what I was letting myself in for especially as the words "white makeup" were used.  I don't know about most guys but the word "makeup" on its own would normally be enough to scare me off.  But Inge is a nice person so I thought I would trust her.

So, today I had a new experience.  Makeup.  I didn't really want to know too much in case I started to have second thought so I was facing away from the mirror.  I have to say the process is very pleasant and relaxing. Not something I would have expected.  When the process was finished I looked in the mirror and was surprised at my surprise!  I was completely different and almost started to assume a new character.  I was behind a mask.

Inge, although she is a very competent and creative photographer, had little experience using studio flash units.  So after a brief introduction and a question and answer session we had a setup that she wanted consisitng of two units with snoots.  All shot against a black background.  Very simple.  Concentrating all the attention on my face and expressions.

Inge gave good direction and before long I had stopped analysing what was going on and just got into the spirit of the shoot.  Time goes quickly when you're having fun and we spent close to 5 hours in the studio all told.  If the squeals of delight that came from Inge are anything to go ny there should be a few satisfactory shots.  Since it was her shoot I don't have any photos to show (yet) but I do have 2 'snaps' that were taken.  One from my phone and one from hers.  I'll let you judge if fun was had.

I might give this a go again sometime in the near future ....

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  1. i think i'll learn a lot here. great blog.i go to the sea with the dogs every week i'll bring along some items and take some photos.